Our Difference

Where other pest removal companies fall short is by setting traps and charging you a monthly or annual fee. This shows that their interest isn’t solving your problem, but making as much money as they can. Those frequent trips back to your home certainly add up over time.

At Animal Movers in Larkspur, Colorado, that’s not the way that we choose to do business. Solving the problem for good is our priority, and we have the tools and nearly three decades of experience in animal trapping and pest removal to do just that.

Among our many specialties is identifying and removing access points that pests use to enter your property. Securing these points means no more unwanted animal infiltration’s.

While the most common critters we deal with are squirrels and raccoons, these are not the only types of animals we’re able to trap and remove from your home or office. These include, but are not limited to:

Skunks | Squirrels | Raccoons | Snakes | Pocket Gophers | Voles | Mice | Beavers
Birds (Including Pigeons and WoodPeckers) | Bats | Dead Animal Removal (including deer)

Once the problem is solved and the animals are gone, it’s time for the repairs to begin. Have us board up and secure key areas to ensure pests don’t have the opportunity to get back in.

You receive an estimated repair cost over the phone. We usually need to gather some basic information, including the extent and location of damage, before providing any kind of figure.