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Specializing in affordable and humane wildlife removal and relocation. Serving the areas of Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Franktown and surrounds since 1987.

Services include the humane removal of squirrels, skunks, raccoons, woodpeckers, bats, snakes, beavers, gophers, foxes, voles, pigeons, porcupines, wood rats, dead animals, and more. Our services do not include dogs or cats.


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We promise to utilize the most humane practices in the business to effectively remove unwanted wildlife and pests. We ensure our solutions are permanent by repairing and blocking all existing and potential entrance points. We are not only the most reliable and affordable wildlife removal specialist in the region, we also relocate animals to their safe and natural habitats.




Animal Movers has provided us capture and relocation of skunks and raccoons on and off for some 20 years. Matt has gone the extra mile by helping us with preventative barriers and suggestions to prevent animals from setting up house especially during mating season. We live in a high traffic area for skunks and raccoons and having a very responsive and successful company like Animal Movers is great. I highly recommend them.
— Joe McBrearty
I’ve been working with Matt at Animal Movers for many years. Matt is very personal, honest, hard working and has always done an outstanding job at removing pests around my home. Matt will go above and beyond what is asked of him. Its a pleasure to be able to work with someone that I can completely trust and is dependable in meeting my needs. I highly recommend and will continue using Animal Movers if any other issues arise in the future.
Matt has always followed up on some difficult situations such as raccoons in the ductwork of my office building and doing damage to office space. He was there until they were gone permanently. Always there to get rid of pocket gophers at my small farm garden. Animal Movers equals dependability in my book.
We have used Matt @ Animal Movers for well over a decade @ our home in Woodmoor. We had a terrible problem with raccoons & squirrels damaging our house siding & shake roof before we we replaced it with a metal one. We were also having an awful time with the squirrels @ our bird feeders. In addition to all of this, we had 13 squirrels in our attic. Matt removed all the squirrels & has kept the raccoons & squirrels in our wooded lot under control all in a safe, prompt & efficient manner. 10 stars for this company. We would not use any one else!

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